Sensor OW203/K

ACB cpl 2.G  OW203/K R4 60° 120 product photo

Sensor OW203/K

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  • Increase your angle qualities: Automatic measurement and control always provide a highly accurate bending angle. Angular accuracy → typically ± 0.3°
  • Make a faster start: Time-consuming run-in procedures are no longer necessary
  • Respond with flexibility: The angle sensor ACB measures and controls the angle independently of material fluctuations.
  • Reduce your material consumption: Whether the parts come from "nested" sheets or remainder sheets, this no longer has any effect on the subsequent bending operation.
  • Avoid rejects: Bending workpieces prepared with the ACB angle sensor have precise angles.
  • Shorten your throughput times: TruBend produces workpieces with angular accuracy that neither need to be reworked nor remeasured by Quality Assurance.

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